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The road books are ready for printing


All notes made on our pre-tour have been evaluated.

The routes of the days stages as well as the routes of the service teams are determined finally.

The rally road books for the 10 stages are ready for printing:

  • 1,441 road book images – total: 2,520 km – special stages: 1,365 km

The service road books are also ready to print:

  • 261 road book images – 1,926.5 km of service routes

Our transportation service: Fly and ride …

… especially for enduro, quad and ATV drivers who want to participate in the rally without a service team

  • we transport vehicle as well as baggage, tools and spare parts (in prepared storage compartments) from Europe to Tunisia and back
  • we transport luggage, tools and spare parts from camp to camp
  • we make the vehicle available for technical inspection
  • the driver will fly individual to Tunisia* and takes over his vehicle on the eve of the start at the hotel
  • after the end of the rally, we will load the vehicle and transport it back to Europe
  • the participant can fly homewards** individual

* For arrival we recommend the airport Monastir, closest to the hotel in Mahdia

** Departure after the rally from Tunis

Of course, we also organize baggage, tools and spare part transport for participants of all other classes.

Please order required capacity as soon as possible / prices to be find here: -> form

The rally El Chott 2020 can take place !

Back from our pre-tour, we are happy and a little proud too that we can announce: The “El Chott 2020” rally can take place in the planned period and with almost no restrictions.

  • All planned routes are checked.
  • Hotels and camps are also checked.
  • The road books will be created in the next few days.
  • Nothing stands in the way of the approval of the rally by the Tunisian authorities.

Years of continuous cooperation with the same partners always pays off, especially under difficult conditions.

Conclusion: We offer you the opportunity still in 2020 to drive a real desert rally with about 1,600 race kilometers (a total of 2,600 km).

  • as a motorsport challenge in extreme terrain
  • as a training under competitive conditions for “bigger tasks”
  • as a real “dune adventure” in our Discovery Class
  • to experience Tunisia individually in the Adventure Class
  • or just to get out in this “crazy” year

Important for your registrations:

  • deadline for the “normal booking price” until 23rd August extended
    deadline for “late booking price” until 13th September extended

And here you can find the online registration forms: -> registrations

Current covid-19 information:

Tunisia is far less affected by the corona pandemic than Europe or neighboring countries in North Africa. In addition to the much lower travel activity of the Tunisians, the main reason for this is the consistent action of the government. All measures such as travel and moving restrictions, distance rules or the wearing of mouth / nose protection were implemented nationwide at an early stage. Similar to ours, the hygiene measures are still relevant. All other restrictions have since been canceled. In the rural regions of the Tunisian south or in the desert itself, i.e. where the rally takes place, the number of infected people is so low that there is almost no risk of infection.

The consequences of the global pandemic, the de facto collapse of tourism, hit Tunisia as a classic holiday destination all the harder.

As things stand at the moment, there are no requirements for most European when entering Tunisia. If the number of new infections in the country increases, a negative test to be shown is under discussion. With us, Tunisia is NOT classified as a risk area. Accordingly, no special requirements are to be expected also on the return journey.

The pre-tour begins!


2020/07/24 – 10:00 am

  • The supplies for the next 2 weeks are stowed away.
  • The navigation and tracking devices are installed.
  • The pre-tour to El Chott 2020 begins with our trip to the ferry

Next stop: Bellinzona (CH) – meeting point with team “Santana”.

Current information from the tour, photos and other news can be found here:

And with our satellite-based tracking, you can follow our daily routes through Tunisia: -> EXPLONA-Tracking-website

Tunisia, we are coming!

From June 27th, the borders of Tunisia will be open again for general travel.

Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and most other European countries are classified on a list by the Tunisian Ministry of Health as “low Covid 19 risk” countries. Travelers from these countries are exempt from all measures discussed until now.

No quarantine, no negative test to be presented – now nothing stands in the way of our pre-tour. Tunisia, we are coming.

Even we do not yet know how many teams are finally registering for “El Chott 2020”, we will use two vehicles to check all the planned special stages and service routes. Based on this we will write the road books subsequently.

After months of uncertainty, we are very happy to be able to offer a marathon rally for 2020 also. For some amateurs, the event will be the highlight of the rally year. Others use the “El Chott” for testing and training and still others want to explore Tunisia in one of our two tourist groups.

You are all heartily invited: share our passion!

Please support us by registering soon. -> registration form

All registration fees will of course only be payable once the rally has been confirmed finally.

State of rally preparation


Despite the corona restrictions, we try to realize the “El Chott – Sahara Rallye de Tunisie” as planned. Whith it we want to offer to all rally enthusiasts the opportunity to experience great motorsport at a marathon rally in 2020 also.

Measures catalog of the Tunisian government (as of June 10, 2020)

The Tunisian government has introduced a number of measures to contain the pandemic since March 12. Since May 4 there are some gradual easing.

Since June 4 trips between the governorates are again possible without special permission. The curfew between 11pm and 5am was canceled on June 9th. The requirement to wear a nose-mouth protection and the general hygiene and distance rules remain in place.

The opening of the borders for general traveling is planned for June 27, 2020.

All of this makes us optimistic that at the end of October – at least in more than 4 months – a rally can take place without major restrictions.

As it is currently still unclear under which conditions entry will be possible from the end of June (quarantine, showing a negative test or only measuring fever), the implementation of our pre-tour planned for the end of July has not yet been finally secured. As soon as we getb the OK from Tunisia, we will be able to prepare all special stages and the required road books as planned.

The best way to support us is to signal your participation by registering soon. ->

All registration fees will of course only be payable once the rally has been confirmed finally.