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ElChott 2023 – online registration available …

… from Monday, 12/12/2022 0:01 a.m. 

Here you will find the online registration forms (please make correct selection): -> click here

And as in previous years, there is a X-mas discount of 5% on the early-booker participation fee for those who decide quickly if they book by December 31, 2022

France Road Book – new at the El Chott 2023

I look forward to welcoming another service team for 2023 to the rally El Chott – a French one for the first time in several years!
In addition to every conceivable service at the rally, the FRANCE ROAD BOOK team also offers various ways of preparing for the challenges of such an event.
I am particularly pleased that team boss Duong NGUYEN-KHOA will be available as a representative of the El Chott Rally to provide information to all interested French-speaking rally drivers.

Rally announcement 2023

Here you can find the announcement as a pdf file for download: -> Announcement

Photos of the El Chott 2022

The photos of our Tunisian photographer Khaled Belhaj are freely available to all interested parties in high resolution under the following link: -> click here!