Pre-tour to ElChott 2024

All oils and filters have been changed on the Pajero, the navigation devices has been installed and supplies for two weeks have been loaded.
Now we are ready to start the pre-tour 2024
Over the next 14 days, we will check the 2,500 km of rally and transfer routes of the El Chott 2024 with three vehicles and we write the corresponding road books.
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Rally folder 2024 …

… now available in German, English and French language

Find the online versions here: -> German -> English -> French

Or order by e-mail the desired number in the desired language.

The planned daily stages of 2024

approx. 2,700 km in Tunisia (10 days stages) (ferry to ferry)

approx. 2,400 rally kilometers (from start at first hotel to the award ceremony at last hotel)

approx. 1,500 competition kilometer (prologue + 8 special stages)

The highlights are the queen stage over approx. 400 km (4) and the marathon stage (6+7) with a bivouac at the “Lost Lake” in the middle of the fascinating dune landscape of the Grand Erg Oriental.

The final information on the lengths of the special stages and transfers, the type and condition of the tracks as well as about camps and hotels will be published after our pre-tour in April.

detailed information in our RALLY MAGAZINE


Pre-tour to the El Chott 2024 …

… the date is fixed: 06 – 20/04/2024