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EATV Adventure World …

… offers comprehensive and professional rally service and vehicle transport for Enduro, Quad/ATV and SSV for El Chott 2023.

The service truck has space for 15 quads or 30 motorcycles. With the SSV, of course, size matters. There are 6 fixed beds available in the trailer and about 10 more sleeping places after the vehicles have been unloaded.

The team also has a 15KW alternator, a well-equipped workshop with a welder for steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium, compressed air, a kitchen and 8 pieces of 3x3m tents.
For sure big enough for nearly each group of motorbikers oder ATV riders.

If you are interested, please contact the team boss Clemens Eicker directly:

Transportation service: Fly and ride …

… the organizer’s transport service especially for enduro, quad and ATV drivers who want to take part in the rally without a service team – in 2023 a different team but same service.

This year Marcus Paul will offer the transport service on behalf of the organizer. Up to 4 people, a larger number of C80 boxes and 5 to 6 motorcycles can be accommodated on his MAN, which has been specially prepared for off-road tours and rally service.

  • transport of vehicles as well as luggage, tools and spare parts from Europe to Tunisia and back
  • transporting luggage, tools and spare parts from one paddock to the next
  • vehicle presentation for the technical inspection in Tortona
  • the driver can fly individually to Tunisia* and pick up his vehicle at the hotel on the evening before the rally begins
  • after the end of the rally, we will load the vehicle and transport it back to Europe
  • the participant can fly homewards** individual

* For arrival we recommend the airport Monastir, closest to the hotel in Mahdia

** Departure after the rally from Tunis

Of course, we also organize baggage, tools and spare part transport for participants of all other classes.

If possible, luggage, tools and spare parts should be stowed in the C80-tin-boxes (LxWxH = 80x45x37cm) prescribed for FIA events, as the storage and lashing system of the MAN is based on these dimensions. Please inquire beforehand for other dimensions or goods to be transported.

Booking and payment of transport capacity takes place directly with the organizer. Please register your need early / all prices can be found here: -> form

Delivery before and collection after the rally can take place in the Ulm area or at the hotel in Tortona (place of the technical inspection) after prior appointment. For all related organizational questions, Marcus Paul can be reached here: +49 170 4769122 /

Attention: Marcus only offers transport, can provide electricity, light and compressed air on the truck, but does not carry out any service activities.

France Road Book – new at the El Chott 2023

I look forward to welcoming another service team for 2023 to the rally El Chott – a French one for the first time in several years!
In addition to every conceivable service at the rally, the FRANCE ROAD BOOK team also offers various ways of preparing for the challenges of such an event.
I am particularly pleased that team boss Duong NGUYEN-KHOA will be available as a representative of the El Chott Rally to provide information to all interested French-speaking rally drivers.

Team Desert Soul – will be there again in 2022

The rally team “Desert Soul” is offering its professional rally assistance also 2022 on the “El Chott”.

From vehicle transport, luggage and spare parts transport to “full service” for enduro, quad or side by side including a comprehensive participant support, experienced employees offer everything needed to participate in a marathon rallye.

If interested, please contact the team soon. Detailed information and contact details can be found here: