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Event schedule – slightly modified

We pushed back the second night in Douz by a few days. This means that all participants who want to go to the “Lost Lake” together with the ORGA will have an additional time buffer before they head back north – so no time pressure in the sand and a reserve in case something needs to be repaired.

And if anyone else would like to join our tour through the south of Tunisia, whether in the Adventure Class, the Discovery Class or as an individual tourist: Registrations are possible until October 1st, 2023

Sahara Tour instead of Sahara Rally

The decision was not easy for us! But under the given circumstances, it could not have been otherwise: Due to the unfortunately low level of interest from participants, there will be no competition at the El Chott 2023 Rally.

We will carry out the event with the big number of tourist participants, with some of the teams originally registered in the competition and with parts of the ORGA as “Sahara-Tour de Tunisie – back to te roots”.

As untill now, everyone has the opportunity to experience the sights of Tunisia and the fascinating dune landscape of the Grand Erg Orientale in the Adventure Class or to test their own skills in the dunes of southern Tunisia, away from roads and slopes, in the Discovery Class.

Last call for El Chott 2023 …

… at some point the decision has to be made:

The deadline if ElChott 2023 will be take place or not is August 28th, 2023.

It’s hard for me to put this in such a clear and concise way. Anyone who knows me and my team knows that we are doing everything we can to keep the myth of “ElChott – Sahararallye de Tunisie” alive, even after 40 years.

But a marathon rally primarily consists of participants, as many participants as possible. And even there we have made compromises again and again in recent years – even perceived the family character of the rally as an advantage.

How ever with 7 competitors, and not even one more in the last 3 weeks, I can’t, I don’t want and I will not organize a rally.
For all those who have already registered and prepared for the event, I would very much regret a cancellation, just like for the entire ORGA team.
So you have exactly one week to secure by your competition registration the implementation of ElChott rally 2023

And no matter what the decision will be on August 28th, 2023, nothing will change for the registered tourist participants. As planned, we will explore the south of Tunisia in the groups AC, DC and as individual tourists, stay overnight in the planned camps and hotels and experience the fascinating landscape of the Grand Erg Orientale.

Only 12 weeks until beginning …

… and everyone who looks at the list of participants can see that, in addition to a large number of tourist teams, only 7 vehicles are registered in the competition.
This would not be sufficient for a rally, neither from a motorsport nor from an economic point of view.

So if you are still looking for a motor sport highlight for the end of October, want to prepare for bigger events under competitive conditions or simply want to escape the European autumn, you should not miss the opportunity.

We have been organizing a rally at a high motorsport level in the south of Tunisia in the great desert landscape of the “Grand Erg Oriental” for many years. The focus of our experienced ORGA team is primarily on varied routes and a well-organized process.

Convince yourself. – Share our passion. – Sign up.

The final days stages of 2023 …

… 2,645 km in Tunisia (10 days stages) (ferry to ferry)

2,350 rally kilometers (from start at first hotel to the award ceremony at last hotel)

1,490 competition kilometer (prologue + 8 special stages)

marathon stage (6+7) (bivouac at lost lake between the fascinating dunes of the Erg Oriental without service)

You can find detailed information in our RALLY MAGAZINE

Final information on special stages and transfers, track condition and specification as well as camps and hotels will be published till end of July.


EATV Adventure World …

… offers comprehensive and professional rally service and vehicle transport for Enduro, Quad/ATV and SSV for El Chott 2023.

The service truck has space for 15 quads or 30 motorcycles. With the SSV, of course, size matters. There are 6 fixed beds available in the trailer and about 10 more sleeping places after the vehicles have been unloaded.

The team also has a 15KW alternator, a well-equipped workshop with a welder for steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium, compressed air, a kitchen and 8 pieces of 3x3m tents.
For sure big enough for nearly each group of motorbikers oder ATV riders.

If you are interested, please contact the team boss Clemens Eicker directly: