Vortour: Grossartige Strecken

Even the first circuit of 200 km was serious stuff. In the beginning much sand and then pists, this could be very selective in autumn. This day’s ride was tricky. The two following day stages will be prepared as a substitute, if the trip to El Borma will be not allowed.

Replacement is good, but they are almost better: In one day from Ksar to “camp mars” and then to the “lost lake”. “Le Lac” is certainly one of the trophies of any driver through Tunisia and it must be earned. After thirteen crescent dunes, we stopped counting. It seemed to have no end. But it was worth it. The mood near by the lake is breathtaking. That alone would worth the trip. The return trip to Ksar certainly has the quality of a queen stage. At the beginning endless dunes, a little bit pist for rest and then another 15 km of dunes and then again pists.

So who thought, a pre-tour would be a children’s birthday, I can say now: Forget it. As intense as I’ve seen no rally special stage up to now. No sweeper truck, no CP-team which friendly smiles, no service truck at the camp, no catering. A real adventure, which is great fun and really challenging. This adventure you can follow live thanks Explona in the web.

Greetings from the desert. Christian

(translated, on 25 march)

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