Vortour: Schon einiges geschafft

This evening we arrived in Ksar Ghilane and we are glad, that we are not the only ones here in the oasis. Something’s happening, which was noted already in the harbor: The increased number of Europeans.

The crossing was not quiet but very pleasant. The customs clearance went very quickly, despite three ferries, arrived at the same time. Just the exit out of the gate was chaotic, what is clear however, if rejuvenate eight tracks to one.

After the obligatory meeting with Jamel it went straight to Gabes (approx. 400 km) to the beach to camp in a great atmosphere. In the morning, after a short detour to check the hotel for the rally, it started with checking of 240 km road book track. Now, arrived in Ksar, we prepare us for the tomorrow’s mission and reduce the weight of the car;-).

Greetings from the desert. Christian

(translated, on 25 March)

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