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The finally daily stages of 2019 – 2,785 km

Detailed maps and information about the several rally days:

All recorded data of our pre-tour …

… have been evaluated:

10 daily stages over a total distance of 2,785 km enclose 8 special stages with 1,625 kilometers. In addition, 2,135 km of transfer routes for the service teams are prepared.
So also now is the final event schedule of the rally fixed.
After the detailed presentation of the rally next weekend, the routes will be posted on the website also.

After completing our pre-tour, …

… which was very successful despite some incidents, the evaluation of the “pre-tour roadbooks” is on my agenda since some days. All during the check of the daily stages changed images, distances or coordinates will be now also changed in the computer. Completely new or changed sections will be now also digitally inserted into the roadbook files. Just over 50% are already “ready to print”.
At the participant meeting on 11th May in the hotel “Eisenacher Haus” the new routes will be presented in addition to all other information about the rally.

Room bookings please directly in the hotel:

Hotel “Eisenacher Haus” – Frankenheimer Str. 38 – 98634 Erbenhausen – Deutschland/Germany

Follow us on the pre-tour 2019 …

… the EXPLONA tracking website will be online from Saturday and show, where we are operating:

Still today we drive to Tortona (IT) and meet with Team 2. Tomorrow we go on the ferry and from Sunday we are on the planned rally tracks in Tunisia on the way.

The pre-tour can begin,

the vehicles are prepared, the ferry is booked and the EXPLONA tracking website will be activated in good time. In two weeks, we are already in Tunisia and control the first day’s stage.

Rally car for rent

Team R-Xsport, already registered in class T1 for the El Chott 2019, has a FIA T1.2 Pajero with complete service for rent.

The vehicle is equipped with a new diesel engine (270hp) and completely prepared for a rally.

Rent package includes :
– full rebuild car, ready for race
– full spare parts package
– service team and 1 engineer in race
– different tyres for all track conditions
– full transport service
– service truck and rallye set up
– testing before race during the RTG/GORM event in Poland

Not included :

– participation fees
– GPS device
– fuel


Price: 10.000 €

If interested please contact Rashid Alketbi by e-mail:

Wanted: co-pilot …

… for the T2-Pajero of the ANDIRI-team

If interested, please contact Andreas Richter directly: oder +49 1515 1002228