Pre-tour for El Chott 2022 – time is running !

The pre-tour for the El Chott 2022 will take place from March 5th to 19th.

With 3 vehicles we drive all the planned daily stages. Our records will create the basis for all road books for the 2022 rally.

In addition to the actual special stages and the associated transfers, we are of course also recording all the transfer routes for the service teams.

As a special highlight for 2022, we have planned again a stage south of El Borma after 8 years. Keep your fingers crossed that we will get the permission for this special stage in the fascinating dune landscape in the extremely south of Tunisia.

If someone would like to accompany us on our pre-tour in the above-mentioned period, we can make this possible under the following conditions: You are fully vaccinated against covid-19 and you are ready to subordinate yourself in our “working everyday” in terms of route selection, daily travel times and places to stay.

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