After the rally … is before the rally

Now, a few days after our return from Tunisia, it is time to draw a conclusion:

We were with the El Chott 2014 once more guests in beautiful Tunisia. As always, the people were friendly and helpful. Despite the upcoming parliamentary elections was absolutely nothing to feel of political unrest or other incidents. The protection of the rally by the Tunisian military around Ksar Ghilane and inside the southern restricted area seemed unnecessary, but it gave anytime a feeling of complete security.

Therefore my thanks goes not only to the ORGA staff and the service but in particular to the Tunisian authorities, the police, Guard Naional and the military. All together they have contributed to the smooth running of the event.

Already now the dates for 2015 are fixed.

23.10.-07.11.2015 23.10.-31.10.2015

Yesterday’s publication of overall and class results of El Chott and Power Week were the last entries in this year’s online magazine. -> Click here!

If you want to check out the done tracks of each team, follow this public link: EXPLONA

And finally, I can inform you that our rally meeting will be held on 21/02/2015 in Hotel Eisenacher Haus again.

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