El Chott 2013 – the preparation is already running

After the date for the “Sahara Rally of Tunisia El Chott 2013” was published at the beginning of November, from today, the current tender and entry fees for 2013 are online. 

Still before the Christmas holidays, the new online entry form will be available. And just like last year, there will be again a Christmas campaign with special discounts for all registrations till the end of the year. 

Reglement (important for the preparation of the competition vehicles): 

  • The Reglement of 2012 is kept unchanged in all technical aspects for 2013.
  • There will be changes in the assessment of participants who get off at the exit CP’s or do not reach the CP’s within the maximum time.
  • With “hidden waypoints” will be created an opportunity, to check the compliance of the road book specified routes. 

All rule changes and the planned day stages for 2013 will be presented during the follow-up meeting on 26.01.2013 at Hotel “Eisenacher Haus”. 

And we will celebrate at this date also the price giving ceremony of the Off Road Rally Cup

All participants and friends of the RTG and the rally El Chott are welcome.

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