Teambuctou-Classic-Rallye und ElChott 2012

A dream comes true

After nearly a year of preparatory work it has finally arrived: Parallel to the Sahara Rally de Tunisie ElChott 2012 a classic rally will take place. This event for vintage and classic cars of past rally and marathon rally times will be no regularity or voyage event, but a true rally with all the trimmings. Responsible for this is the desert-, rally- and adventure travel experienced Teambuctou-team headed by Uta Baier and Uwe “Säb” Ziegler. In close cooperation with the ElChott-ORGA an event will be organized where vehicles can be used, for wich European classic car rallies are either too boring or not demanding enough because of too much asphalt.

 The Teambuctou Classic by ElChott is tendered for the following vehicle classes:

  • V1: Vehicles with 2×4 – Drive – model years 1955 to 1975
  • V2: Vehicles with 2×4 – Drive – model years 1976 to 1992
  • V3: Vehicles with 4×4 – Drive – model years 1955 to 1992

Who has ever heard about the rally ElChott, will now ask how should I drive over the dunes between Ksar Ghilane and the Tembaine for example with my AUDI Ur-Quattro. Of course, not! The Teambuctou-classic tracks are different from those of the ElChott. They are conceived for “normal” rally cars even without “hill-climbing ambitions”. The selected stone- and sand pists will still allow a view of breathtaking landscapes. And the participants will leave the rally with lasting impressions from the exotic host country Tunisia, like as the ElChott for 30 years.

The website of Teambuctou Classic Rally will be online even before the end of this year. Important news are online already now. Click here: -> TeambuctouClassicNews

 Further informations and answers to your questions will be given any time under

We look forward to legendary vehicles (and legendary drivers).

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