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Nefta, 09.11.2011

Hotel Caravan Serail, 18.00 clock, all teams except the start number 81 (Dittmann / Dittmann) have been checked. The timely achievement of the goal at the start of the dunes turned Wars scenes for all the participants were not a problem within the standard time in the Central Committee, with the exception of RZR (81). After cracked drive belt it was towed back to Douz, where the service crew was waiting with a new belt. So for Titus and Julius just a matter of time before they reach Nefta.

Fastest of the day were not the bikes but the Tatras with start number 501 – already the second victory!
The audit gave everything they had expected or feared the rally participants: sandy and rocky, some fast moving sections of slopes but also with many ditches and washouts. The Chott itself proved to be traveled to the passage in the far west to be absolutely dry. Also, the narrow tracks and then following the last dune before the finish was not much more challenging.

The rally is coming to an end. Even if it is too early to draw conclusions, the number of participants, although tired from basically quite happy. The same applies to the organization: No emergencies, no faults in the process, with the exception of the crossed-El Borma – testing everything according to plan! And even despite all the fears not be overstated, any negative sentiment in the population, no incidents, no roadblocks, no special controls, on the contrary: a totally relaxed and friendly as always, the host country.

Jörg Schumann

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