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Ksar Ghilane, 05.11.2011

At 02.11. Rally participants took the first “reserve test” in attack. The circuit ran from Ksar Ghilane to the National Park “Jebil” and then south into the dune fields between Tembaine and Ksar Ghilane. The high demands on all promised back. Even if the navigation was less problematic, the very soft and deep sand was again one of high difficulty level does not represent a surprise that was in the results of this day to find some motorcycle riders throughout the upper. At the top again Reiner Fink Husquarna, followed by Stephan Otto and Ulrich Preuss (both KTM). Fastest 4-wheel-drive vehicle was again the Tatra from the Czech Republic with Dakar experience. The team was to complete the examination for the record: “If there had been at the DAKAR such an examination, half of the trucks would not have finished.”

To provide participants with some variety, the rally to stay in Ksar Ghilane interrupted at 03.11. and service teams, their work moved to the parking area of ​​the Hotel Sangho Tataouine. The scoring participants completed the relocation to a short and fast track review of Ksar Ghilane to Bir Amir. Like last year, the stage victory went to the sufficiently with about 1000 hp motorized 815 Tatra Dakar (Kolomý / Kilian / Boughattes). In the test itself, there were no failures, but the lorry had Balai still some tasks to do. Thus achieved the “Dakar-oldie” of sand / Ettrichrätz with a broken differential bearing the end of the viaduct is not your own. In addition, the Toyota HiLux from Felseis / Felseis after a repair in Douz on the overpass was an ultra-fast track to disaster. He also was placed on the broom wagon to the hotel.

At 04.11. then the 350 km-long day’s ride of about Tataouine Bir Auine to Ksar Ghilane was on the program. Local guide, it is known that this must be entered into the restricted area. This approval was given at short notice and without bureaucracy. Whole, we wanted to wait at the barrier in Kambout not do without. But nothing came of it. No passport checks, no personal checks, after a brief refueling stop for the next nearly 300 km was completed rating the driveway without any problem. Rating 300 km with an 8 mile stretch dunes trapdoor at Bir Auine are not so easy to monitor. But thanks to the tracking system EXPLONA we knew this day forever, where there were the participants. We could not only provide rapid technical assistance to the remaining motorcycles are on the slopes of two Italian participants formally send special “look”, how many participants the dunes start looking but not found. As with many rallies before, were also on the dunes at Bir ElChott 2011 Auine key point. At the end of the day there was almost exclusively winners: 5 motorcycles completed within the specified time, the WP; forefront once more Reiner Fink. But two other enduro riders managed the dune cross-over, without a CP or just skip a waypoint, even if they missed the ZK-time is short. In the car, only three teams made it through the dune field: Porter / Teuber with their bowlers and the rookies Netzsch / Blessing and Wenzelis / Heinzmann (both Land Rover Discovery). And just as error-free, albeit after the set time, came MAN TGA was Kretz / winter / Pessl through the dunes and into the goal. Dittmann of the RZR / Dittman reached the camp after rolling and steering bolt sheared only in the mountains of Tatra truck and came waidwund with a broken drive shaft Armstark but only with rear-wheel drive to the camp. About 21.00 clock, we could then turn off the EXPLONA base station. The last participants arrived, picked up by the organizing team, the oasis.

Today, on the day of rest, some service vehicles are on the road to Gabes, Douz and Medenine order to get replacement parts. All hope to get their cars for the upcoming five stages still to race-ready again. ORGA is swarmed out around despite the approaching sand storm stages for the 06 and. 07.11. drive up. The camp is therefore granted only a few to enjoy the day off as such.

But that’s what it is, what we’re all here.

Jörg Schumann

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