Die ersten drei Tage

Today we provide a first comprehensive summary of the events of the days 1-3 of the rally.

After crossing restless thought the bad weather with rain and cool autumn also in Tunis.They were joined by more than 4-hour customs clearance; 3 ferries were created almost simultaneously. All in all a welcome, we would have wished us differently, especially since the onward journey was anything but enjoyable by a night of heavy rain. At the Hotel Chems Gabes but then we were very warmly received and well received in the last arrivals of the night around 1:30 clock or a buffet dinner.

After a very short night of the show was done by starting the rally site at the hotel. Then it was on the overpass to El Hamma where the prologue was then started. Now the frustration of the past day had finally forgotten, the rally had begun. Unfortunately, the good mood was not all too long. Even during the preparations for the launch of WP 1 Jamel brought the bad news is withdrawn approval for the restricted area!

The message itself was disappointing, but the obvious explanation for this: Despite the present written approval of the Governor and the Tourism and Ministry of Defense and was the general in charge on site Remada not take responsibility for our safety. Still scattered Libyan fighters in a 3-Länder-Eck Libya-Tunisia-Algeria are on the road. And while an incident is not out there are also no adequate security and that no entry into the restricted area: Annoying but not to change, and in terms of a responsible manner by leading to rally just right.

At the drivers meeting in the evening at the Hotel Touareg, there were then in addition to the joy of the day’s victory Porschen / Körver on Land Rover / beetles from the ultra-fast Dakar Tatra from the Czech Republic and the disappointment of the canceled dunes in the south also understand the decision. In the short term end of the rally was changed.Plan B now sees 3 more days before Ksr Ghilane, interrupted by a Aufthalt the Hotel Sangho Tataouine. Even at night, the road book for an additional round course written and completed planning for a marathon stage of Tataouine on Remada and Bir Auine to Ksar Ghilane.

The third Led the rally, the teams from Douz to Ksar Ghilane. 220 km of slopes and smaller dune fields were completed. For the day’s winner, Reiner Fink Husquarna, that would have no problems for other already: Some teams met the target times not identified, others used the exit option offered in time to come to camp. Particularly unlucky had the previous day’s winner: the front axle broke – to further travel in the deep sand was not thinking. Thus, it was already after the first eight kilometers serious dunes needs to be done for the service teams.

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