The medical rescue team has changed

After the Czech BIG SHOCK RACING team unfortunately canceled their participation for terminal reasons, there are also new registrations. Michael Baumann (KTM) will be there again. Jens and Mandy Weigelt (CanAm Maverick), 2015 as tourists on the rally, will participate in the competition for the first time this year.

And also in the organization a change is to announce. Rally “veteran” Klaus Spörl (O-R-M-S) will not come to Tunisia because of a serious illness of an employee in his company. In his place, the also not-really-unknown Dr. Clemens Novak from Austria make sure the medical rescue service.

Registration and techn. scrutineering in Tortona (IT)

Registration and technical scrutineering in Italy will take place in 2018 again in the hotel “Il Carrettino” in Tortona.

Almost in the middle between Milano and Genvoa and halfway between Piacenza and Genoa, the hotel is one kilometer south of the motorway intersection (A7 / A21 – Tortona), reachable via the first exit after the motorway cross.

Address: Strada per Pozzolo 15 – 15057 Tortona / Rivalta Scrivia  (AL)

GPS coordinates: N 44°52,072′   E 008°49,546′

Please book individually via e-mail with the code “El Chott”:

The special rates for rally participants incl. breakfast are unchanged: Single room: 37, – € / double room: 67, – € / 3-bed room: 84, – €

Please book at short notice, as the hotel has only a limited number of rooms available.

Registration and techn. scrutineering takes place on 19/10/2018 between 10:00 am and 7:30 pm. The vehicles can be presented for the technical inspection also by the service or transportation teams. The presentation of all competition vehicles for checking and installing the tracking systems and GPS loggers is mandatory. Exceptions require special permission from the organizer.

Accommodation possibilities in the area:

Motel K, Via Valloni 8, Casei Gerola – directly at the exit of the A7 – bookings at:

Motel 2, Strada Statale per Sale 14, Tortona – at motorway junction A7 / A21 – bookings at:

More hotels can be found in Tortona.

On 20/10/2018 every participant should be in time at 10:00 am in the ferry port.

Event schedule and final tracks 2018

All important information about the event schedule and the now finally confirmed daily stages of the rally as well as the detailed list of participants and the team presentation can be found in the online rally magazine.

the schedule of events (route lengths, hotels, fueling possibilities, etc.)

the final daily stages (special stages, transfers, start and finish)

the current list of participants and the presentation of the teams

Big Shock Racing participate 2018 again

The Czech team with Martin Macík Jr. and the co-pilots František Tomášek and Michal Mrkva (LIAZ) will be on the El Chott 2018 again. The goal is probably: overall victory

With the 5th place in the truck-ranking of the 2018 DAKAR, the team caused quite a stir at the beginning of the year.

And where the LIAZ can be found Jan Brabec (Husqvarna) can not be far.

Also he was in South America in January and came, respectably as well, as the best Czech motorbiker to the finish.

(photos: Big Shock Racing)

DAKAR teams at the El Chott 2018

Today I got the final OK.

At El Chott 2018, the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team starts with two DAKAR trucks. One of the trucks will be piloted by Martin Kolomý (CZ) – several times DAKAR participant and also no stranger on El Chott.

In addition, in 2018 with Enduro again on El Chott, Jan Veselý (CZ), also with DAKAR experiences. And we are especially happy about Gabriela Novotna (CZ), since a long time the first lady in the enduro field of the El Chott. In the rookie classification of last DAKAR she has fought on her way nearly to the finish line.

The countdown is running …

… already within 4 months the technical inspection takes place.

The road books for the ten daily stages with a total of 1,495 images and the service road book with another 289 images are ready to print.
2,766 km are documented for the rally participants: 1,627 km in the prologue and in special stages as well as 1,139 transfer-kilometers.
The service teams have to complete 2,104 km.


    … and please don’t forget:

    The deadline for registrations with normal entry fee expires on 30/06/2018.
    Until 15/08/2018 then only late bookings at higher rates are possible.

    Pre-tour 2018 – Review and Preview

    Three weeks ago we finished our successful pre-tour through Tunisia. We drove all important routes and once again, we spent two great weeks in a hospitable and peaceful country. In the hotels were again significantly more package tourists to be found. And also in the south we met again larger groups with motorcycles and 4×4 cars.

    Our recorded datas are evaluated at 80%. The rally road books for almost 2,800 km are ready to print. In the next step, the roadbooks for the transfer routes of the service teams will be prepared. By the end of June, the detailed time and route plan for the 8 rally days in October will be fixed.