El Chott for Tunisia

Last Friday there was a vile terrorist attack in Tunisia again.
Our sympathy goes out to all family members and friends of the victims of Sousse.
As organizer of the rally I must evaluate the current security situation now:
Just like in March all our sources are agree that the general inland security situation has not deteriorated.
Nevertheless, we all must understand one thing: Although the security forces will do everything possible to prevent further attacks, there will be no absolute security. Nobody can and will promise this to us.
What does this mean for the rally? Will the rally take place?
The decision is yours!
The ORGA and also some of the participants with whom I have already spoken, wish to absolve the event as planned. “If we stay away now, the extremists have reached their first target.”
Of course there are other voices and announcements of cancellation. That too I can fully understand.
Both for a real competition as well as for the cost-effectiveness of the necessary rally logistics a minimum number of participants is required.
Therefore, there is this year only one clear statement for Tunisia and the rally: A quick, obligatory registration.
On July 22, 2015 I’m going to announce the decision, based on the then present registrations.
In case of cancellation of the rally we will arrange for all those who still want to go into the Tunisian desert an alternative program: A “back to the roots” tour through the dunes of the Sahara.
For questions, I am available at all times under js-motorsport@t-online.de or at facebook.

Technical servic of the organizer

A technical service of the organizer will be new on El Chott 2015.

This service is available to all participants; at a fair price and without prior booking, registration or advance payment.

Experienced car mechanic and automotive electrician, equipped with an extensive range of tools, welding technology and tire mounting device, will endeavor to fix any damage and defects till the restart at next day.

Kontakt aufnehmen Oskar Neuffer Steve Weber Roland Ott

moto, quad, spare part and luggage transportation

We offer to our participants transportation capacity for boxes with luggage, spare parts and tools as well as for motorcycle/quad/ATV and spare wheels.  For the transportation of bags and backpacks is no warranty.

  • Luggage transportation from Europe to Tunisia, during the rally from camp to camp and  back to Europe
  • Moto/Quad/ATV transportation from Europe to the start in Tunisia and from the finish back to Europe
  • Transportation of auto / buggy on request
boxes, per liter volume 1,50 €
pop up tents 20,00 €
motorcycle tyre / Quad/ATV tyre, 1 or 2 pcs (as a pack) 35,00 €
car tyre, per piece 35,00 €
complete wheels motorcycle / Quad/ATV, per piece 40,00 €
complete wheels car, per piece 45,00 €
vehicle transportation – motorcycle 390,00 €
vehicle transportation - Quad / ATV 750,00 €
  • Payable in advance by invoice or  in cash upon up load
  • Please order required capacity as soon as possible by e-mail: -> click here!
  • Pick up and unloading points: Area Koblenz, area Zwickau, area Stuttgart, Voghera (IT) and ferry port of Genova
  • Delivery in Germany not later than 19/10/2015

The daily stages of the El Chott 2015

The pre-tour is evaluated. The roadbooks are ready for printing. Subject to the required approvals, the daily stages, transfers, special stages and service routes are fixed.
With El Borma and the marathon-stage to the “Lost Lake” and back (without service teams at the bivouac) we have in 2015 two marked highlights in our rally program.

All daily stages in detail:













El Chott clothing collection 2015

Now available: shirts, polos, fleece jackets, caps etc.    -> for details click here