The planned daily stages for 2015

With El Borma and the marathon-stage to the “Lost Lake” and back (without service teams at the bivouac) we have in 2015 two marked highlights in our rally program.
We will check during our exploring tour in March, how far from El Borma into the south the special stage will lead. (what will be permitted)

The planned daily stages in detail:


Rally meeting and ORRC price giving ceremony

On Saturday, 21/02/2015, our rally meeting will be held in hotel “Eisenacher Haus” with the following contents:
  • 5:00 p.m. – award ceremony of the ORRC 2014
  • 5:15 p.m. – afterthoughts to rally El Chott 2014
  • 5:30 p.m. – Preview on routes and news of the El Chott 2015
  • 6:00 p.m. – break
  • 6:15 p.m. – premiere of the rally video 2014
  • 7:00 p.m. – dinner

The El Chott security concept

The safety of our participants has the uppermost priority.

Tunisia is currently on its way to democracy and internal security. Nevertheless, we do not underestimate potential hazards that could arise from the clash of a Western rally and traditional Arabic living habits. From the arrival of the ferry  to departure we are accompanied by a high-ranking military personnel. Between Douz and El Borma several military vehicles and occasional inserts of helicopters give an extra security feeling. But in all these years was no reason for use.

Also the medical coverage is very important to us. At least two all-terrain ambulances, staffed by emergency doctors and paramedics, follow the participants. In addition, a rescue quad is on his way inside the rally-field, which can reach a possible accident site for initial treatment even faster.

Equally important are the used two salvage trucks. In each section of the special stages the “sweeper trucks” form the conclusion of the field. They load damaged vehicles and their crews. No one will be left behind!

Basis of the safety concept is our for 5 years well-proven satellite-based tracking system. The position of each vehicle is displayed on the screen in real time. By pressing a button each participant is able to send any technical or medical emergency calls. The coordinates are then transmitted digitally to the race director and, if needed, to the rescue or recovery vehicles.

So equipped we offer a safety standard, which is not self-evident at amateur events.

Discovery Class – DC

In addition to the Adventure Class we have 2013 the Discovery Class introduced. The participants were enthusiastic of the concept already in the first year.

In the Discovery Class it goes about driving training in the dunes, the use of GPS and trip master as well as individual driving by using the road book on selected parts of the real rally tracks. With assistance of an experienced guide everyone must make a few time the job of the leaders, to show what he has learned.

Participation in the Discovery Class may be preparing for a future rally participation, or just to test their own performance in the sand of the Sahara in a very individual form.

The DC participants also benefits from the amenities of professional rally logistics, such as emergency doctors, catering, fuel service and technical service.

Adventure Class – AC

Already since 2010, the rally El Chott is accompanied by the Adventure Class.

This is a guided touristic group. Everyone can participate here, who would like to explore Tunisia with own car (minimum requirement: 4×4 SUV) on individual ways. In addition to breathtaking landscapes and cultural sights adventure and team spirit stands in the foreground. The real route will be designed together with the participants and by their ideas.

Individual travel experiences combined with rally-feeling and the advantages of professional rally logistics like emergency doctor, catering, refuel and workshop service are an unbeatable advantage of our concept !

Important information …

… for all who want to participate in the rally meeting on February 21st:

The phone number of the hotel “Eisenacher Haus” has changed: 036949 / 149914 or 149915

The web address is unchanged: