Follow our tracks on pre-tour 2018

The EXPLONA tracking system makes it possible!

From now on you can “follow” us on the pre-tour to Tunisia. Via IRIDIUM-satellite the tracking system transmits our position every 15 minutes. That means, our driven tracks are almost live visible on the website mentioned below.

click here: Pretour El Chott 2018/

The Pajero is loaded with supplies for 14 days. Tomorrow we start the journey to the ferry in Genoa. On the way there we meet Team 2 – Oskar from Stuttgart with his Santana. Our base station in the camps, Klaus Spörl with the Chevrolet-”mother ship”, is already on the way.

All information can be found here in the next few days:

Team Desert Soul on the El Chott 2018

The rally team “Desert”, active in various cross-country and marathon rallies, will be offering its professional rally assistance for the first time also on the El Chott 2018. From vehicle transport, luggage and spare parts transport to comprehensive participant support, experienced employees offer everything needed to participate in a marathon rallye.

Detailed information and contact details can be found here:

Pre-tour 2018

The planning of the stages has been completed, the ferry has been booked, the permits have been requested and the routes for each day have been planned – the pre-tour 2018 will begin in 4 weeks.

Preliminary event schedule 2018

After the planned routes, the detailed preliminary event schedule for competitors and tourism groups has now also been published in the rally magazine. -> click here!

The planned daily stages for 2018

One of the most important points of our participant meeting yesterday was the presentation of the planned routes for 2018.

The detailed daily stages can be found in the rally magazine.

Rally flyer 2018

The rally flyers 2018 in German, English and French language

El Chott participants meeting

Today I would like to remember you on our participants meeting at 27/01 in the hotel “Eisenacher Haus”.

Starting at 4:30 pm we will have a re-view on the last rally and after this a preview of the changes and the planned routes for 2018. After dinner is then time for individual discussions.

Room bookings please directly in the hotel: +49 36946 149915 or 149914 or online on the website