Last information before the start

We expect all participants to arrive at the ferry port of Genoa on 21/10/2017 by 11.00 am at the latest.

This applies to all those who are going directly to Genoa, but also for those teams that already arrive the day before to Tortona.

The address in the port: Via Ponte Cristoforo Colombo, Genova

GPS coordinates: N 44°24,727′   E 008°54,640′

For teams that start in the competition, registration is required on the day before at Hotel “Il Carrettino” in Tortona. In this case, the vehicles must be presented by the driver, co-driver or a responsible team member to the technical check. The times for this, entered in the online registration, must absolutely be complied with. Before starting the technical scrutineering the mounting kits for the EXPLONA devices must be installed in the vehicle in accordance with the regulations.

Address: Strada per Pozzolo 15 – 15057 Tortona / Rivalta Scrivia

GPS coordinates: N 44°52,072′   E 008°49,546′

All other participants of course are also welcome in Tortona. They will then receive all necessary documents, race numbers, stickers and roadbooks already there.

Only 5 days until the beginning of the trip – we look forward to see you !!!

Registration and techn. scruteneering in new hotel

Registration and technical scrutineering in Italy will take place in 2017 not in the “Rally Hotel”, but in the 15 km distant hotel “Il Carrettino” in Tortona.

Almost in the middle between Milano and Genvoa and halfway between Piacenza and Genvoa, the hotel is one kilometer south of the motorway intersection (A7 / A21 – Tortona), reachable via the first exit after the motorway cross.

Address: Strada per Pozzolo 15 – 15057 Tortona / Rivalta Scrivia  (AL)

GPS coordinates: N 44°52,072′   E 008°49,546′

Please book individually via e-mail with the code “El Chott”:

Special rates for rally participants incl. Breakfast: Single room: 37, – € / double room: 67, – € / 3-bed room: 84, – €

Please book at short notice, as the hotel has only a limited number of rooms available.

Registration and techn. scrutineering takes place on 20.10.2017 between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. The presentation of the vehicles for checking and install the tracking systems and GPS loggers is mandatory. Exceptions require special permission from the organizer.

On 21/10/2017 every participant should be in time at 10:00 am in the ferry port.

other accommodation possibilities in the area:

Motel K, Via Valloni 8, Casei Gerola – directly at the exit of the A7 – bookings at:

Motel 2, Strada Statale per Sale 14, Tortona – at motorway junction A7 / A21 – bookings at:

More hotels can be found in Tortona.

The final days stages 2017, …

… the modified route profile of the new rally El Chott

  • 3,100 km of routes in Tunisia
  • 1,935 km rally tracks
  • 12 days stages
  • 1 prologue and 10 special stages
  • 50% less dunes-kilometers
  • sand and piste stages alternately
  • distance stages with daily new paddocks on different destinations, alternating in camps and hotels
  • our intention with the new tracks is, to make it possible for all participants to reach these days targets in the time schedule.

For the Discovery Class, the question “how much sand and dunes” depends on the wishes of the participants, like as every year. The guide has promised: “The Lost Lake is of course in the program of 2017″