Schedule for pre-meeting (19/09/2015)

  • 5:00 p.m. Presentation of the planned routes
  • 6:00 p.m. Questions and answers about the journey
  • 7:00 p.m. Dinner
  • 9:00 p.m. Rally-videos of the last years

Pre-meeting of the El Chott Sahara Tour

Dear participants and friens of the rally,
slowly but surely a remarkable tour group has still formed, that want to experience Tunisia. Great routes through the dunes of the Grand Erg Oriental as well as cultural sites and stays in oases, small camps and typical hotels expect all of us.
On September 19th 2015 there on our planning meeting at the Hotel Eisenacher Haus in the Rhön detailed information on the routes and a first chance to get to know the new participants. Then last minute bookings are possible until the end of September.

El Chott Sahara-tour 2015

Getting information about our event El Chott Sahara Tour 2015 “Back to the roots”

Promoter and organizing team of the El Chott invite you to be with us on our Sahara tour; no matter whether for tests and training in the special stages, to reach the daily finish lines once without time pressure, or to see the dreamy landscape not only passing in the side mirror.

For most sections we have Roadbooks. In addition, we offer for Desert newcomers routes which are easier to graduate. For the members of the adventure class, and all those who want to join in, the sights of the country as well as the camps and hotels can be reached on roads and pistes.

So, who wasn’t in the desert already this year, or who wants to fulfill this wish for the first time; in October there is a good possibility.

Accompanied by experienced rally ORGA, top organized and at a reasonable price!

Join our adventure!

Sahara-tour 2015, event shedule

  • DC, testing and training, “Dune driving school” and all “desert foxes” in our group
  • AC, “country, people, sights” and all Tunisia-driver with SUV’s
  • all participants
date activity overnight stay
24 Oct. Arrival at the port of Genoa, registration, ferry crossing to Tunis MS Carthage
25 Oct. Arrival in Tunis, transfer to Mahdia Mahdia Palace
26 Oct. on motorway, on roads and on a piste-stage of the rally to El Hamma and continue to the oasis of Ksar Ghilane Camp Le Paradis
to El Jem (Colosseum), on highway towards Gabes and over the mountains through Matmata to Ksar Ghilane
27 Oct. through the dunes and on the competition-pistes of the rally to Tataouine Hotel Sangho
on pistes and roads through’s mountains to Tataouine
28 Oct. on asphalt to Chenini and on the competition-piste of the rally back to Ksar Ghilane Camp Le Paradis
on asphalt to Chenini (old berber caves) and on pistes and roads back to Ksar Ghilane
29 Oct. on a vast dunes-stage of the rally, passing “Parc Jebil” and “Tembaine” to Camp Zmela Camp Zmela
on pistes through the stony desert and within sight of the dunes of the Grand Erg Oriental to Camp Zmela
30 Oct. past the oasis of Ksar Ghilane and the Roman Fort on a dunes-stage of the rally towards Bir Soltane Camp Bir Soltane
on pistes and roads to Bir Soltane to the camp right on dunes entrance
31 Oct. on a pistes-dunes-stage of the rally directly to Douz Hotel Touareg
on the fast asphalt road to Douz
01 Nov. from Douz on the road to El Faouar, then through the dunes and on pistes to the “Parc Jebil” OffRoad Camp
on pistes to the national park “Parc Jebil” for our common “night under the stars”
02 Nov. past the holy mountain “Tembaine” on the special stage of the rally to the “Lost Lake” OffRoad Camp
back on pistes, then on the road to Matmata (Berber Museum) Hotel Le Barbar
03 Nov. on a dunes-stage of the rally from “Lost Lake” back to the oasis of Ksar Ghilane Camp El Biben
from Matmata through the mountains to Medenine, again through the mountains and then along narrow trails through dry riverbeds to Ksar Ghilane
04 Nov. on a special stage of the rally by the stone desert and last small dunes to Kebili Hotel Yadis Oasis
on the asphalt road to Kebili, to the “petrified dunes” of Fatnassa and over the Chott El Jerid, the largest salt lake in North Africa
05 Nov. on a piste over a part of the Chott and on a narrow pass through the mountains with a fascinating view into the wide plain, then on the coast road and the motorway to Hammamet Hotel Le Sultan
06 Nov. transfer to the ferry port of Tunis, ferry crossing to Genoa MS Carthage
07 Nov. arrival in Europe, individual departure of the participants

NEW!!! Registration fee / Registration deadlines 2015

2 weeks Sahara-Tour “Back to the roots”

24/10 – 07/11/2015
1 week Sahara-Tour “Back to the roots” 24/10 – 31/10/2015

-> The registration fees for the El Chott Sahara-Tours 2015