Preliminary event schedule 2018

After the planned routes, the detailed preliminary event schedule for competitors and tourism groups has now also been published in the rally magazine. -> click here!

The planned daily stages for 2018

One of the most important points of our participant meeting yesterday was the presentation of the planned routes for 2018.

The detailed daily stages can be found in the rally magazine.

Rally flyer 2018

The rally flyers 2018 in German, English and French language

El Chott participants meeting

Today I would like to remember you on our participants meeting at 27/01 in the hotel “Eisenacher Haus”.

Starting at 4:30 pm we will have a re-view on the last rally and after this a preview of the changes and the planned routes for 2018. After dinner is then time for individual discussions.

Room bookings please directly in the hotel: +49 36946 149915 or 149914 or online on the website

From “El Chott” to DAKAR

We wish all DAKAR participants a great, successful and accident-free Rally 2018.

Of course, we will be watching especially the achievements and results of the teams that have participated in El Chott in recent years:

  • Stefan Svitko (moto/9) – ElChott 2013
  • Rudolf Lhotský (moto/75) – ElChott 2017
  • Jan Veselý (moto/88) – ElChott 2013/2014
  • Jan Brabec (moto/91) – ElChott 2017
  • Josef Machaček (quad/247) – ElChott 2012/2017
  • Olga Roučkova (quad/277) – BajaBohemia 2015
  • Boris Vaculík/Martin Plechatý (car/372) – ElChott 2017
  • Makus Walcher/Tobias Henschel (car/386) – ElChott 2013
  • Martin Kolomý with new co-pilots (truck/505) – ElChott 2011/2012/2013/2016 + BajaBohemia 2015
  • Martin Macík/Michal Mrkva (truck/510) – ElChott 2017 + BajaBohemia 2015
  • Matthias Behringer/Stefan Henken (truck/530) – ElChott 2014
  • John Cockburn (truck/542) – ElChott 2012

Good luck !

At the end of an eventful year …

… we would like to say thank you to all teams and participants, to our business partners and sponsors, to our ORGA employees and of course to all our friends for the great cooperation.

We are already looking forward to the challenges of the events planned for 2018.