Conclusion to El Chott 2019

Two weeks after the end of the rally the following conclusion is to be drawn:

For the organization, execution and evaluation of the rally stages there was much praise from the participants and only a few minor criticisms. For that, I especially say thanks to the great organization and service crews.

As in the years before, particular the members of the two tourist groups were enthusiastic about the experiences – extreme dune landscapes, campfires and overnight stays under the African starry sky, sights and Tunisian culture.

When choosing the routes for the special stages, it has been important for us for years to find a mixture that meets all requirements: possible to absolve by “desert newcomers”, but also demanding enough even for experienced Dakar-riders. That is not always easy. Sometimes it happens that experienced motorcyclists reach the finish after 3 hours, newcomers but only at dark.

We would like to prepare different routes for different demands – but with only 13 teams in competition (2019) this is of course no option.

And so I’m already at the point to do a first look on the next year:

To organize the “El Chott” as a real rally again in 2020, in the 39th year of its existence, we urgently need more teams in competition. Not all individual wishes of potential participants can be fulfilled. Nevertheless, I am waiting for your feedback and of course for questions, requests and suggestions of new participants.

We, organization staff, rally service teams and myself as the organizer, will do everything to offer an interesting and well-organized rally with great tracks again in 2020.

Gladly and anytime you can contact me by e-mail, mobile or on facebook.

Joerg Schumann / organizer

Follow us on the rally tracks through Tunisia

All competition vehicles will be equipped again in 2019 with the EXPLONA tracking systems. This system transmits the location of the vehicles at regular intervals by satellite to the control computer of the rally director. It can transmit emergency calls with a precise GPS coordinate if required. Positive side effect: The done tracks of the vehicles can be traced on the web from 13/10/2019 on a corresponding map. click hier:

The finally daily stages of 2019 – 2,785 km

Detailed maps and information about the several rally days: