The pre-tour starts

Now the time has come. The car is packed. In a few minutes we start towards Genoa for pre-tour.

From tomorrow we are also visible on EXPLONA: ->

New pre-tour date: 18/09 till 01/10

At this point, really should be shown pictures and reports from our pre-tour. Unfortunately I have to disappoint you. For the first time we had planned the tour in the summer. However, this led to the following problems: First, the CTN Ferry was overbooked at the scheduled travel date. This would have meant to go to Genoa without any guarantee of a place on the “Carthage”. Secondly, we did not get an approval for the routes in the southern restricted area. No, not because of security problems, but because of the high temperatures in August!
Conclusion: New date in September, then with the permission for El Borma and of course with online tracking at EXPLONA.

Good news !

The rally El Chott 2016 will take place.

On July 29, we start towards Genoa. The ferry is booked. The pre-tour is carried out as planned. Even if we want to avoid the most hottest desert regions, planned is essentially a review of all kilometers on roads and pistes, we are excited about which temperatures we have to expect in early August.

My boundless optimism gives me hope that the currently existing commitments become actually registrations and participations. Then we would get really even a respectable starting field.

So now there is finally planning-security for already registered and for potential participants as well as for ORGA and service teams.

I hope to see you on our rally meeting at the 8th of October as every year in the Hotel “Eisenacher Haus”.

El Chott 2016 – time is running !

The security situation in Tunisia has stabilized. Police and army make greatest efforts with international support, to protect population and tourists from possible attacks.

We, organizer and all ORGA teams of El Chott, are determined to organize in 2016 again a full-fledged rally in the most beautiful landscapes of Tunisia. Our tourism groups are already well booked, but for the motorsport competition, a few more registrations in the competition classes are needed. At July 15th the registration period for “normal entry fee” ends. After this date the decision will be done whether we start at July 30th the pre-tour.

Has the rally El Chott in Tunisia even after 35 years a future ?   You will decide !

A real adventure for newcomers and demanding motorsport for advanced.

Share our passion !   We hope to see you !

35 years rally El Chott – the dream is still living

The dream of a few became an idea for an adventure rally in the Sahara. It took place for the first time in 1981.

Over the years much changed:

  • Teams, vehicles and service became more professional.
  • The demands on the organization and logistics increased constantly.
  • The adventurous spirit of the early years changed into ambition for rally competition at a high level.

Nevertheless, we live the dream continues – Adventure & Motorsport in the vastness of the Sahara.

El Chott 2016 – take part in our adventure – Tunisia, we come !

Techn. service, moto, quad, spare part and luggage transportation

On El Chott 2016 we will have technical and transportation service by the rally organizer.

This service is available to all participants; at a fair price and without prior booking, registration or advance payment.

Experienced car mechanic, equipped with an extensive range of tools, welding technology and tire mounting device, will endeavor to fix any damage and defects till the restart at next day.

Additional we offer to our participants transportation capacity for boxes with luggage, spare parts and tools as well as for motorcycle/quad/ATV and spare wheels.  For the transportation of bags and backpacks is no warranty.

  • Luggage transportation from Europe to Tunisia, during the rally from camp to camp and  back to Europe
  • Moto/Quad/ATV transportation from Europe to the start in Tunisia and from the finish back to Europe
  • Transportation of auto / buggy on request
boxes, per liter volume 1,50 €
pop up tents 20,00 €
motorcycle tyre / Quad/ATV tyre, 1 or 2 pcs (as a pack) 35,00 €
car tyre, per piece 35,00 €
complete wheels motorcycle / Quad/ATV, per piece 40,00 €
complete wheels car, per piece 45,00 €
vehicle transportation – motorcycle 420,00 €
vehicle transportation - Quad / ATV 790,00 €
  • Payable in advance by invoice or  in cash upon up load
  • Please order required capacity as soon as possible by e-mail: -> click here!
  • Pick up and unloading points: Area Zwickau, area Stuttgart, Voghera (IT) and ferry port of Genova
  • Delivery in Germany not later than 15/10/2016