Rally folder 2020 …

… now available in German, English and French language

Find the online versions here: -> German -> English -> French

Or order by e-mail the desired number in the desired language.

New medical rescue team from 2020

MTB Medica is a company specialized in providing medical services on extreme events. We represent the highest level of services according to the newest standards of modern medicine.

Our mission is to help anyone who is sick or injured in an accident or disaster. Our way is defined in 3 words – quality, involvement and professionalism.

We’re getting things done. Working on the All-Terrain-Rescue-Ambulances build on new or legendary 4×4 vehicles like Toyota Hilux Revo or Land Cruiser 80 Series. Medical equipment is always more than required by European standards, norms and law.

Extreme is our passion. You can feel that when you meet our team built up with professionals working in public EMS, ICU’s, military (also missions), mountain rescue, etc.

If we are there, you can feel safe.

MTB Medica – We go beyond

Rallye presentation and participants meeting …

… at 6th June 2020

After completing the pre-tour and evaluating our records, we will present the 2020 edition of the Rally El Chott in detail.

Traditionally the participants meeting takes place in the hotel “Eisenacher Haus” in the Rhön.

The official presentation starts at 5:00 pm.

Please book early by quote “EL Chott”, as the number of available rooms is limited.

The overnight accommodation is also possible in caravan or mobile home at the hotel car park.

Hotel “Eisenacher Haus” – Frankenheimer Str. 38 – 98634 Erbenhausen – Deutschland/Germany

GPS: N 50° 34.333′   E 10° 05.052′

A first preview of the 2020 planned rally routes

2,600 km in Tunisia over 10 days stages (ferry to ferry)

2,300 rally kilometers (start at the first hotel until award ceremony in the last hotel)

1,600 competition kilometers (prologue + 8 special stages)

marathon stage (6+7) without service (bivouac at “Lost Lake” in the middle of the fascinating dune landscape of the Erg Oriental)

El Chott Clothing Collection 2020

Can be ordered online now. The delivery time is about 2-3 weeks. -> csm-offroadshop

Good luck …

… and a great and accident-free rallye we wish for all participants of the DAKAR 2020.

First and foremost, we “keep our fingers crossed” especially for all those we know personally from our events:

  • Stefan Svitko (moto/19) – ElChott 2013
  • Ivan Jakeš (moto/23) – ElChott 2012
  • Milan Engel (moto/29) – ElChott 2019
  • Jan Brabec (moto/43) – ElChott 2017
  • Jan Veselý (moto/68) – ElChott 2013/2014/2018/2019
  • Martin Michek (moto/132) – ElChott 2019
  • Roman Krejčí (moto/144) – ElChott 2019
  • Tomas Kubiena (quad/258) – ElChott 2019
  • Miroslav Zapletal (car/331) – ElChott 2016
  • Martin Kolomý (car/339) – ElChott 2011/2012/2013/2016/2018 + BajaBohemia 2015
  • Boris Vaculík (car/343) – ElChott 2017
  • Markus Walcher (car/356) – ElChott 2013
  • Josef Machaček (SSV/414) – ElChott 2012/2017
  • Martin Macík (truck/504) – ElChott 2017 + BajaBohemia 2015
  • Martin Šoltys (truck/509) – ElChott 2018
  • Matthias Behringer (truck/515) – ElChott 2014

Good luck !

At the end of a successful year …

… we would like to say thank you to all teams for participating in our events, to all business partners and sponsors for the good cooperation and to the many ORGA employees and of course to all friends for their great commitment and assistance.

Already now we are looking forward to fantastic shared experiences at the events planned for 2020.