Rally meeting 27/09/2014

27th of September 2014 - Hotel Röse Bebra / Hersfelder Straße 1 / 36179 Bebra

5.00 p.m.

  • Presentation of ORGA- and service teams
  • Detailed presentation of the rally routes
  • Changes to the schedule, organization and rules

6.00 p.m.

  • Distribution of race numbers, advertising, entry confirmations
  • Distribution of the mounting kit’s for EXPLONA tracking system and GPS Logger
  • Pickup of ordered rally clothing

7.00 p.m.

  • Dinner

9.00 p.m.

  • Video presentation – “33 years El Chott”

The rally schedule 2014

Already now: The rally schedule for your preparation

date from to task of day daily stage special stage(s) total distance accommo- dation refuel  possibilities
Oct. 17 Voghera registration scrutineering individual everywhere public
Oct. 18 Voghera Genova ferry transfer Carthage everywhere public
Oct. 19 Tunis Mahdia days stage 01 235 km Mahdia Palace everywhere public
Oct. 20 Mahdia Ksar Ghilane days stage 02 215 km 485 km Campment  Le Paradis ORGA  fuel supply
Oct. 21 Ksar Ghilane Ksar Ghilane days stage 03 280 km 285 km Campment  Le Paradis ORGA  fuel supply
Oct. 22 Ksar Ghilane El Borma days stage 04 225 km 300 km Campment Oasis ORGA  fuel supply
Oct. 23 El Borma El Borma days stage 05 150 km 165 km Campment Oasis ORGA  fuel supply
Oct. 24 El Borma Douz days stage 06 375 km 390 km Hotel Touareg public in Douz
Oct. 25 rest day / registration PowerWeek Hotel Touareg public in Douz
Oct. 26 Douz Ksar Ghilane days stage 07 310 km 355 km Campment El Biben ORGA  fuel supply
Oct. 27 Ksar Ghilane Ksar Ghilane days stage 08 180 km 185 km Campment El Biben ORGA  fuel supply
Oct. 28 Ksar Ghilane Ksar Ghilane days stage 09 230 km 235 km Campment El Biben ORGA  fuel supply
Oct. 29 Ksar Ghilane Kebili days stage 10 180 km 200 km Hotel     Yadis Oasis public in Kebili
Oct. 30 Kebili Hammamet days stage 11 95 km 445 km Hote         Le Sultan everywhere public
Oct. 31 Hammamet Tunis stage 12 ferry 75 km Carthage everywhere public
Nov. 01 Genova way home everywhere public

Technical scrutineering in Italy

The location for technical scrutineering in Italy is the same as last year: “Rallye Hotel Voghera”
Nearly in the middle between Milano and Genova and at half way between Piacenza and Genova, not far away of the highway cross (A7/A21 – Tortona), it is very good located:
Address: Via Tortona 51, 27058 Voghera PV
GPS coordinates: N 44° 58,961   E 008° 58,887
Please book individually by e-mail: rallyehr@yahoo.it

Registration and technical scrutineering will take place at 17/10/2014 between 11:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. It is mandatory to show the vehicles for check and installation of the tracking systems and GPS Logger. Exceptions require a special permit from the organizer.
At 18/10/2014 each participant should be in Genoa until 10.00 clock, early enough for boarding.
more accommodation options in the area:

Motel K, Via Valloni 8, Casei Gerola
  • 7 km far away from the Rally Hotel, right at the exit of the A7
  • Reservations: info@motelK.com
Motel 2, Strada Statale 14 per Sale, Tortona
  • about 25 km in direction of Genoa, at the motorway junction A7/A21
  • Reservations: info@motel2.it
Other hotels are located in Vogera or in Tortona, 20 km away.

DAKTEC special offer for El Chott participants

“Daktec Motorsport” has in addition to the rally services a limited special offer to all participants of the El Chott rally in 2014:

DAK-Trax Sand Board at a special price (2 pieces) of 224, – € plus freight € 12.90 or free to Genoa at the ferry.


Please order at short notice.