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Pre-tour of El Chott 2021

Tomorrow we will set off for Genoa, from where we will take the CTN ferry to Tunisia on Saturday.

On our pre-tour this year we will not only check the routes. It is also important to visit all accommodations. Because of the sharp decline in tourism, many of them, especially inland, have been closed at least temporarily.

We will pay particular attention to the handling of the current entry conditions.

  • We have done the entry announcement by e-mail. The associated forms are signed.
  • The PCR tests are in progress. The results we expect online for tomorrow.

We let us surprise how seriously these formalities are taken, whether the test result is also accepted electronically and which additional checks have to be carried out.

After our return we will have the latest state of knowledge and can answer all your questions and we will be able to prepare the formalities to be completed for a smooth entry of the rally participants.

Until then, you have the opportunity to follow us on the pre-tour using EXPLONA satellite tracking. ->

As usual, you can find information and photos from the go on the Facebook page ->

Health management El Chott 2021

The Tunisian health system has had a massive Covid-burden since spring.

The country has consistently met the criteria of a high-risk area since April 25, 2021, even if the 7-day incidence is now on the decline again.

There are over 23,000 fatalities in connection with covid-19 for around 12 million inhabitants, many of them only in the last few months.

The health system is accordingly heavily burdened.

In addition, many people were affected by deaths in their environment and the massive restrictions such as lockdowns and curfews and are accordingly alarmed.

For all of these reasons, Covid 19 disease in the country should be avoided at all costs, Above all, however, because care according to the usual Central European standards is not guaranteed. The return of patients by plane is also questionable. For example, the ADAC flyes back after day 15 of the illness at the earliest and the Swiss REGA makes new decisions in each individual case.

A complete vaccination protection is therefore strongly recommended to all participants.

Hygiene and precautionary rules for the duration of the El Chott rally 2021

  • Only symptom-free participants are admitted to the rally.
  • The Tunisian authorities currently require all those entering the country (including those who have been completely vaccinated / recovered) a PCR test, which must not be older than 72 hours at the time of entry (Sunday, October 24, 2021, 4 p.m.).
  • The participants are responsible for protecting against infection. The protection needs of other rally participants, ORGA employees and locals, which may be higher than your own standards, has to be accepted without reservation
  • The participants are advised to stock up on protective materials (masks, disinfectants, self-tests) at home before the start of the rally, as supplies in the country cannot be regarded as secure.
  • The guidelines of the Tunisian health authorities has to be followed 100%. Currently exists a curfew from midnight to 5 a.m. and a mask requirement indoors.
  • Drivers briefings and other gatherings will be held in the open air
  • If any symptoms appear (cold symptoms, temperature, feeling weak, diarrhea) the participant informs the rally organization and remains in isolation (room / car) until diagnostic clarification by the medical service.
  • In the case of proven Covid 19 disease, the patient will be handed over to the Tunisian medical authorities for local care and / or quarantine. Further health care by the medical / rescue service of the rally is then understandably not longer possible.

In the case that further advice is required and for all other medical-technical questions before and during the rally, the lead rally doctor is available at

See you in good health in October

Dr. Simon Weber – Head emergency doctor

Jörg Schumann – Organizer

Co-driver wanted!

A co-driver for a Polaris RZR is urgently needed for the El Chott 2021 rally.

Basic knowledge of GPS navigation and reading road books should be available.

If you are interested, please contact the organizer by e-mail at short notice. We will put you in contact with the team immediately

Last call to order your rally clothing

At the end of August we will once again give a larger batch of rally clothing for embroidery.

So if you still need t-shirts, polos, hoodies, jackets or stickers for your own race overall with the individual inscription “40 years El Chott 1981-2021”, please order by 28/08/2021.

The selection of clothing, all sizes, colors and prices as well as the free patches (for participants) can be found here:

Team Desert Soul – will be there again in 2021

The rally team “Desert Soul” is offering its professional rally assistance also 2021 on the El Chott.

From vehicle transport, luggage and spare parts transport to “full service” for enduro, quad or side by side including a comprehensive participant support, experienced employees offer everything needed to participate in a marathon rallye.

If interested, please contact the team soon. Detailed information and contact details can be found here:

An ElChott legend returns

After a few years of abstinence, the longtime ElChott enduro rider and multiple class and overall winner Reiner Fink has announced his participation for 2021.

And he has planned something special for the 40th ElChott anniversary: He will contest the event on an also 40-year-old BMW R80 G/S.

He also promised that another cult-participant of the past years will start in his team. – Let’s surprise!