Rookie Challenge RCE / RC4

A marathon rally in the desert is always a big challenge – for everyone.

Reports of participants about not-ending daily stages, almost non practicable navigation requirements, house-high dunes and non drivable soft sand describe the adventure.

We want to enable this adventure even for rookies and off-road riders without desert experience. For this we have had at the rally El Chott already some innovations:

  • exit possibilities during especially long stages or before particularly difficult terrain sections
  • the introduction of the Discovery Class – navigation training, exercise in using the road book and dune driving school
  • the individual times to reach the exit became part of the daily ratings
  • PowerWeek as “Rally Light” with half of the total distance

And for 2015 also, we have planned something new: Rookie Challenge

In two special classes (RCE and RC4) we offer the combination of dune driving school and desert rally.
In the first week of the rally interested newcomers have the opportunity to train in the guided Discovery Class working with road book, GPS and trip master on pistes and in the dunes. In the second week, there will be real motorsport competition on the special stages of the rally. And at the end also in the two rookie classes the winner and runners-up will receive their trophies.

In the RCE vehicles will participate which comply to classes E1/E2/E3/E4. And in the RC4 participants are summarized with vehicles of categories BU/CS/CM/CP/TL.

In case of bigger interest, and a larger numbers of participants, we would divide the RC-classes in the future according to the classes of the rally regulations.

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