Zurück von der Vortour

A great pre-tour is behind us!

Apart from minor repairs to our vehicles, there were no incidents. All planed routes are done, roadbooks are proofed, modified, or written new. With three vehicles, we have covered a total of almost 10,000 km in Tunisia. And no matter where we went, we met friendly and cheerful people. Tunisia is on the best way to become once again a popular holiday destination for individual and expedition travelers also.

The only downside: At the moment there are no permits for the special stages south of El Borma. But even in this case, no entry into the restricted area for the rally, we have taken precautions: 4 full-fledged replacement stages – including one from Ksar Ghilane to the “Lost Lake” and, of course on different route, back to the oasis. Another highlight will be the last special stage. After spending the night in a great hotel in Kebili, it goes on ultra-fast tracks directly over the Chott and then through the mountains – both very impressive.

Conclusion: With or without the approval for the southern restricted area, we will enjoy a fantastic rally on challenging special stages – fast tracks just as impressive dune crossings.

Joerg Schumann

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