Zurück aus dem Sand!

Douz, 08.11.2011

The yesterday’s stage took the lineup for the 2011 El Chott rally again around Ksar Ghilane: 230 km with 35% share of dunes! Many participants recognized yesterday at their limits, both the driving skills as well as the art. Until Tembaine everything was a “no-brainer.” Then began the dunes, high dunes by stairs, alternating with camel grass. Unde werglaubte, the “worst” to have behind him, was taught a lesson in the next climb. The last trapdoor was the highest and most demanding, before the participants reached the runway at Camp Zmela, many were not there! As expected, the motorcyclists were the very front – Day Win: Reiner Fink (24) for Husqvarna. The surprise was even more of the Tatras (Kolomý/Kilian/Boughattas- 501), who was the first twin-track vehicle into the goal. Originally we had thought it unlikely that the trucks meet the last trapdoor at all, we were taught a lesson! In addition, punctually at the finish were in addition to some other bikes in the 4×4 Group only Dittmann / Dittmann (Polaris RZR – 81), Mueller / Teuber (Bowler – 307) and Novak / Sustar (Toyota – 202). Some participants crossed the finish line after the set time and others were the last team from DK just before dark from the dunes to camp out. Kretz / winter / Pessl (MAN TGA – 503) were the only ones who spent the night in the dunes.

For today’s stage, this was not a disadvantage. For a distance of only 85 kilometers of the launch was scheduled for 10.00 clock, so that the “outside sleepers” had plenty of time to reach the camp and to take all necessary preparations to start. The dunes between Ksar Ghilane and the Africa Café on the slopes towards Douz were difficult to drive as ever. On the one hand, came the day’s winner Ulrich Otto (14) KTM in 2 hours and 10 minutes to finish, on the other hand, there was a team that had to be rescued from a hopeless situation.

Conclusion: All participants in the target, one last dinner at the Hotel Touareg Rally cult – Farewell to the desert!

Tomorrow it goes along the Chott el Jerid, named after the rally, west on sandy slopes before the route turns north to once again “off road” the road to “Star Wars scenes” to leave the location of the destination.

Jörg Schumann

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