Last important informationen before the start

1. Meeting point at the port of Genoa, 20th Oct. 2012 

  • Arrival at the port until 10.00 a.m.
  • Coordinates: N 44 ° 24.732   E 008 ° 54.624
  • Address for Road Navi: Genova / Ponte Cristoforo Colombo
  • After driving through the underpass follow the instructions CTN / Tunis

2. Participants documents 

  • In early October, the permits for participation, dockets, race numbers and advertising stickers have been sent. These documents are mandatory for participate in the rally.
  • All other documents will be handed out during the registration in Genoa. The docket “what’s to do” must be presented.
  • The service teams have to pick up the documents of the participants, who will arrive only in Tunis and Gabes.

3.  Fuel supply

  • The fuel supply can be made individually at each fuel station.
  • For the days in the south, the fuel supply will be organised by the rallye. The required amounts of fuel must be ordered and paid in EUR by the drivers / teams during the ferry crossing.
  • The service teams must order fuel, for participants who will arrive only in Tunis and Gabes.

  Price – Diesel: 1,40 EUR/l   –   Benzin: 1,70 EUR/l 

For planning are given in the following table route lengths, track characteristics and public refuel possibilities.

from->to date km total street/pist sandy pist dunes refuel possible
Tunis-Gabes  21. Oct.  420  100 %      everywhere
Gabes-Ksar Ghilane  22. Oct. 310 apprx.60% apprx.35% apprx. 5%  Gabes / El Hamma
Ksar Ghilane -Ksar Ghilane 23. Oct. 210 apprx.80% apprx.20%    –
Ksar Ghilane -Verlorener See 24. Oct. 150 apprx.30% apprx.30% apprx.40%
Verlorener See – Ksar Ghilane 25. Oct. 120 apprx.20% apprx.40% apprx.40%  –
Ksar Ghilane – Douz 26. Oct. 300 apprx.50% apprx.30% apprx.20% Douz
Rest day Douz 27. Oct. 0       Douz
Douz – Ksar Ghilane 28. Oct. 170 apprx.30% apprx.40% apprx.30% Douz
Ksar Ghilane -Ksar Ghilane 29. Oct. 170 apprx.50% apprx.20% apprx.30%
Ksar Ghilane -Ksar Ghilane 30. Oct. 190 apprx.20% apprx.30% apprx.50%
Ksar Ghilane – Kebili 31. Oct. 160 apprx.60% apprx.35% apprx. 5% Kebili
Kebili – Hammamet 01. Nov. 425 apprx.90% apprx. 10%   Kebili, from km 150 everywhere
Hammamet -Tunis 02. Nov. 75 100%     everywhere

4. Camp overnight stays / catering / bivouac

  • In Ksar Ghilane tents with beds are available, sleeping bag is required.
  • For hygienic reasons, the catering will not work with reusable dishes or cutlery. At the other hand, to save waste, we ask our participants to use their own dishes and cutlery. So we can reduce the use of disposable products.
  • For the bivouac overnight at “Lost Lake” every participant should according to own needs mattress, sleeping bag and tent to carry in the own vehicle. For classes E1/E4/BU  the ORGA assumes transportation.  

5. Drinking water

  • Each participant in racing receives at the catering truck a daily ration of 3 bottles (4.5 – 6l) water.                                   

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