Pre-tour of El Chott 2021

Tomorrow we will set off for Genoa, from where we will take the CTN ferry to Tunisia on Saturday.

On our pre-tour this year we will not only check the routes. It is also important to visit all accommodations. Because of the sharp decline in tourism, many of them, especially inland, have been closed at least temporarily.

We will pay particular attention to the handling of the current entry conditions.

  • We have done the entry announcement by e-mail. The associated forms are signed.
  • The PCR tests are in progress. The results we expect online for tomorrow.

We let us surprise how seriously these formalities are taken, whether the test result is also accepted electronically and which additional checks have to be carried out.

After our return we will have the latest state of knowledge and can answer all your questions and we will be able to prepare the formalities to be completed for a smooth entry of the rally participants.

Until then, you have the opportunity to follow us on the pre-tour using EXPLONA satellite tracking. ->

As usual, you can find information and photos from the go on the Facebook page ->

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