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Rally presentation is postponed to later

We have just received the information from the Hotel “Eisenacher Haus” that the current tenant will not continue to operate the hotel.

Regardless of the Corona requirements, the hotel will remain closed until further notice. As a result, the rally presentation can’t take place at the scheduled time.

The new location and date for the participant meeting will also be based on the date of our pre-tour. This will probably take place in July / August. Then we will have all the information for a basis of which we can offer a detailed rally presentation.

I would like to explain once again that we are doing everything possible to carry out the El Chott 2020 as planned. But especially in the current situation we urgently need your support for this:

Please register as soon as possible. Use the time until the entry deadline for normal entry fee on July 5th, 2020 for your online registration.

A rally can only take place with a sufficient number of participants !

Information about our events planned for 2020 …

… taking into account the current corona pandemic:

Our internal pre-tour to the rally “El Chott” will be postponed to the next possible date, depending on further developments, also in Tunisia and the transit countries Austria and Italy.

The RTG 2020.1 planned for mid-May in Olszyna (PL) is expected to be postponed to a later date. We will publish final information on this after the Easter weekend.

The planned date for the rally presentation still remains for the time being. Whether the presentation can actually take place depends on the current contact restrictions have been lifted by then and the hotel “Eisenacher Haus” will be open or not on June 6th, 2020.

Even if a forecast for autumn is currently hardly possible, we still plan to hold the RTG 2020.2 and the rally “El Chott” on the dates specified.

In addition to the current medical situation, the prerequisite for holding our events is, above all, sufficient numbers of participants.
Of course we can understand, if over the course of the year to some participants things are in the foreground that are more important than RTG or El Chott.

Particularly important from this point of view are the two final information:

  1. If the “El Chott” 2020 will not be held as a rally due to the insufficient number of participants, we will organize the planned program for the teams of the two tourism groups and all other interested parties in the same period.
  2. If no alternative dates are found for one or more events, all participation fees already paid will be credited to later events. If teams cannot or do not want to take part in these events, we will reimburse the amounts already paid. The same applies, of course, if we have to finally cancel events.

The routes planned for 2020 in detail

Days stage 01

transfer from ferry port to hotel “Mahdia Palace”

Days stage 02

start at the hotel – transfer – prologue and SS01 (pistes) – hotel “Offra”

Days stage 03

transfer – SS02 (mix of pistes and dunes) – camp “Zmela”

Days stage 04

SS03 (dunes – pistes) – transfer – hotel “Sangho”

Days stage 05

transfer – SS04 (pistes) – camp “Paradis”

Days stage 06

SS05 – marathon stage part I (pistes – dunes) – bivouac at “Lost Lake”

Days stage 07

SS06 – marathon stage part II (dunes – pistes) – transfer – hotel “Offra”

Days stage 08

transfer – SS07 (pistes) – transfer – hotel “El Mouradi”

Days stage 09

transfer – SS08 (pistes) – transfer – hotel “Le Sultran” – prize giving ceremony

Days stage 10

transfer to the ferry port

Für immer unvergessen …

Kaum einer, der motorsportlich “offroad” unterwegs ist, kennt ihn nicht.

Seit vielen Jahren hat er mit seinem Off-Road-Medical-Service deutschsprachige Events im In- und Ausland betreut – ganz gleich, ob Truck-Trial in der Kiesgrube “nebenan” oder Marathon-Rallyes in Tunesien, Libyen oder Marocco.

Seit 1999 war er bei der DTTM, auf den RTG’s und natürlich auf der Rallye “El Chott” mein stets verlässlicher Rettungsdienst, immer zur Stelle, wenn es galt, Teilnehmer oder ORGA-Mitarbeiter bei Unfall oder Krankheit zu versorgen.

Doch nun ist das Unvorstellbare eingetreten: Trotz unbändiger Willensstärke und immerwährendem Optimismus konnte Klaus seinen letzten Kampf nicht gewinnen. Die heimtückische Krankheit hat ihn seiner Familie und uns allen genommen.

Aber auch wenn wir künftig ohne ihn auskommen müssen, wird er uns als Freund für immer in Erinnerung bleiben. Ganz gleich wo wir sein werden, ist auch er dabei. Unvergesslich sind die vielen Erlebnisse, die wir gemeinsam hatten.

Jörg & Conny Schumann – im Namen aller aktiven und früheren ORGA-Mitarbeiter

Rally folder 2020 …

… now available in German, English and French language

Find the online versions here: -> German -> English -> French

Or order by e-mail the desired number in the desired language.

New medical rescue team from 2020

MTB Medica is a company specialized in providing medical services on extreme events. We represent the highest level of services according to the newest standards of modern medicine.

Our mission is to help anyone who is sick or injured in an accident or disaster. Our way is defined in 3 words – quality, involvement and professionalism.

We’re getting things done. Working on the All-Terrain-Rescue-Ambulances build on new or legendary 4×4 vehicles like Toyota Hilux Revo or Land Cruiser 80 Series. Medical equipment is always more than required by European standards, norms and law.

Extreme is our passion. You can feel that when you meet our team built up with professionals working in public EMS, ICU’s, military (also missions), mountain rescue, etc.

If we are there, you can feel safe.

MTB Medica – We go beyond

Rallye presentation and participants meeting …

… at 6th June 2020

After completing the pre-tour and evaluating our records, we will present the 2020 edition of the Rally El Chott in detail.

Traditionally the participants meeting takes place in the hotel “Eisenacher Haus” in the Rhön.

The official presentation starts at 5:00 pm.

Please book early by quote “EL Chott”, as the number of available rooms is limited.

The overnight accommodation is also possible in caravan or mobile home at the hotel car park.

Hotel “Eisenacher Haus” – Frankenheimer Str. 38 – 98634 Erbenhausen – Deutschland/Germany

GPS: N 50° 34.333′   E 10° 05.052′