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Congratulations for reaching the goal …

… goes to all who have managed to complete this year’s DAKAR with their challenging dune stages.

Of course we especially congratulate the drivers and teams that have been on the rally EL CHOTT with us in recent years. And most of all we are happy for Gabriela Novotna. She had a serious accident still at the end of October 2018 on the penultimate special stage of EL CHOTT and had to break off the rally with a broken foot. Hardly anyone had believed that she would be fit again until the DAKAR. But she did it, and could fulfill her great dream of achieving the finish line in Peru.

Fly and drive …

… special service for enduro, quad and ATV drivers who want to participate in the rally without a service team

  • we transport vehicle as well as baggage, tools and spare parts (in prepared storage compartments) from Europe to Tunisia and back
  • we transport luggage, tools and spare parts from camp to camp
  • we make the vehicle available for technical inspection
  • the driver will fly individual to Tunisia* and takes over his vehicle on the eve of the start at the hotel
  • after the end of the rally, we will load the vehicle and transport it back to Europe
  • the participant can fly homewards** individual

* For arrival we recommend the airport Monastir, closest to the hotel in Mahdia

** Departure after the rally from Tunis

Of course, we also organize baggage, tools and spare part transport for participants of all other classes.

Please order required capacity as soon as possible / prices to be find here: -> form

“El Chott” meets DAKAR

We wish all participants of the Rally DAKAR 2019 a great, successful and accident-free event.

Especially “we keep our fingers crossed” for all the teams that have participated in our rally El Chott in recent years:

  • Stefan Svitko (moto/11) – ElChott 2013
  • Ivan Jakeš (moto/21) – ElChott 2012
  • Jan Brabec (moto/46) – ElChott 2017
  • Gabriela Novotná (moto/57) – El Chott 2018
  • Jan Veselý (moto/68) – ElChott 2013/2014/2018
  • Annett Fischer (side by side/385) – ErgOriental 2009
  • Martin Macík (truck/504) – ElChott 2017 + BajaBohemia 2015
  • Martin Kolomý (truck/508) – ElChott 2011/2012/2013/2016/2018 + BajaBohemia 2015
  • Martin Šoltys (truck/515) – ElChott 2018
  • Matthias Behringer (truck/520) – ElChott 2014

Good luck !

At the end of a great year …

… we would like to say thank you to all teams and participants, the many ORGA employees, our business partners and sponsors and of course all the friends for the good and successful cooperation.

Already now we are looking forward in anticipation to the events planned for 2019.