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The service teams 2015

901 - Leader of the Tourism Class “AC”

Andreas Henschel

902 - Leader of the Tourism Class “DC”

Rainer Seefried Sabine Seefried

911 - Catering service

Martin Bradler Dirk Neumann

951 - Technical service, transportation service for moto, quad, luggage and spare parts

Oskar Neuffer Steve Weber Roland Ott

981 - Fuel supply

Berthold Grings Hilde Führ

991 - Press and photo team

Andreas Wulf Anja Bork

The list will completed continuously.

moto, quad, spare part and luggage transportation

We offer to our participants transportation capacity for boxes with luggage, spare parts and tools as well as for motorcycle/quad/ATV and spare wheels.  For the transportation of bags and backpacks is no warranty.

  • Luggage transportation from Europe to Tunisia, during the rally from camp to camp and  back to Europe
  • Moto/Quad/ATV transportation from Europe to the start in Tunisia and from the finish back to Europe
  • Transportation of auto / buggy on request
boxes, per liter volume 1,50 €
pop up tents 20,00 €
motorcycle tyre / Quad/ATV tyre, 1 or 2 pcs (as a pack) 35,00 €
car tyre, per piece 35,00 €
complete wheels motorcycle / Quad/ATV, per piece 40,00 €
complete wheels car, per piece 45,00 €
vehicle transportation – motorcycle 390,00 €
vehicle transportation - Quad / ATV 750,00 €
  • Payable in advance by invoice or  in cash upon up load
  • Please order required capacity as soon as possible by e-mail: -> click here!
  • Pick up and unloading points: Area Koblenz, area Zwickau, area Stuttgart, Voghera (IT) and ferry port of Genova
  • Delivery in Germany not later than 19/10/2015